I have no money for college, what can I do?

Answer Well There are a lot of scholarships! You may just have to look harder. I'm a senior for this year, and I have been looking for them since the 9th grade. If you look at some of the biggest companie... Read More »

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I want attend college but i have no money. What kind of grants and scholarships can i apply for?

There's a scholarship essay contest going on at Lafango: Luck!

My family does not have enough money so i have to go to Community College for a year?

HELP ME! (college) I wanna know what kinda job I can have with my intertests! (and where i can get money)?

I suppose teaching WOULD be a good field for you as well as sociology (social working) or nurses or dental assistants. There is a growing demand (at least here in the US) for nurses, and assistants... Read More »

I want to go to college, but I might not have the money for it?

Yuuki:Here's the thing.In the United States, a college education is not a 'right'. It's a high-cost, optional expense. Many parents feel that it's a near necessity - some, quite clearly, do not. Ma... Read More »