I have no idea when i might get my period and school!!! help me asap!?

Answer i think u will get ur period pretty soon... don't worry its probably irregular cuz it could for the first 2 years. i think that they were probably cramps :)

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My period is almost two weeks late HELP ASAP!?

Jen, Are you sure of ur safe period? You counted the days between ur periods 1/2 would be ur Fertile period, the day before and the day after I wouldn't have sex that whole week just to be sure, wi... Read More »

ASAP!!! First period and basketball game?

I think you'll be okay, but only you can be the judge. Normally first periods are super light, and despite everything people say, you can actually get away with a lot if you're having just some sta... Read More »

Period help How to survive the night Answer ASAP?

yes you should be fine to sleep in a day one. But if you are really worried i guess you could always put down a towel or something on your bed under yourself for incase purposes

Period on Birth Control (Ortho Cyclen) help ASAP!!?

Your body when it is put on birth control has to adjust to hormone level changes caused by the BC. You should start during the last week of pills. I personally do not like Ortho Tricyclen because i... Read More »