I have never experienced an orgasm.?

Answer Get yourself a vibrator! one of those small bullet ones should do the job! ...and maybe a glass of wine to relax if you drink :) ...Most women achieve orgasm through clitoral stimulation so its tot... Read More »

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I'v never had an orgasm?

The first thing you need t do is tell him you have never had an orgasm that will stop him thinking he is failing you.80% of women never achieve orgasm through intercourse, you should try getting h... Read More »

Female and never had an orgasm.?

I've noticed the more I relax, the more pleasurable sex is. That also goes for oral! You have to think in your head how good it feels and relax your muscles, sex isn't just a physical thing it has ... Read More »

Is there anyone else here who has never been given an orgasm from a man?

Only about 20% of all women can regularly achieve an orgasm from vaginal intercourse. Even if you are one of those lucky 20%, there's always the possibility that it takes you too long to achieve an... Read More »

Ideas of Senior Research Paper on Something You've Never Experienced Before?

An engaging research topic does not always reflect the author's personal experience. In fact, many research papers are founded in the desire to acquire more knowledge about a topic. As the name sug... Read More »