I have natural spiky hair what haircut would you recommend?

Answer I hope this is of some help to youShort spiky men's hairstyle. Style your hair. SlikhaarTv world team…Awesome hair - mens spiky textured hairstyle - Men Ha... Read More »

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How to Line Up a Haircut & Fade With Spiky Hair?

The fade haircut is a popular style for men as it looks clean and can be done by any skilled barber or stylist. Much practice is necessary to become skilled in the art of cutting hair, and masterin... Read More »

For Black Natural Hair. Which of these two products would you recommend?

Don't go for products. Better go for the healthy diet and natural vegetables and fruits.For the black hair eat goose berry in your daily life. It helps to improve the hair strength and increase the... Read More »

Spiky Hair Cuts for Men?

Spiky hair creates a wild, punk look giving you the appearance of a rock star, skater or punk. Spikes serve as a simple hair choice and offer a low-maintenance style option for those who don't mind... Read More »

Do you think I look good with spiky hair ?

thats it? lol pretty short hair man.looks normally chinese. sorry, but pretty much most chinese guys i know have that hair.but looks great on u anyways.however, i wuld recomand u to grow out ur hai... Read More »