I have my computer connected to my HDTV - but no picture!?

Answer Make sure the output resolution on your video card is set to the native resolution of your tv (probably 720p, you may be able to choose 1280x768, if not then try 1152x864.Go to the control panel an... Read More »

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If I play a DVD on my HDTV I get a thin black horizontal line in the picture a few pixels from the top. Connecting my computer you see the line on the top bottom and sides of any video or DVD. Why?

On your TV, you have the ability to change the aspect ratio of the picture. What's happening is that you may have the aspect ratio improperly set so that the DVD's picture doesn't fill the screen, ... Read More »

I have Onida TV (LCD) which is connected to computer?

Yes Yes I agree with MTW....................

I am 16 and i have had the wireless router box connected to my computer for 11 yrs?

Short answer, no. Radio energy in the 2.4GHz and 5GHz part of the EM spectrum in the amounts a wireless router can put out have no proven negative health effects. Radio energy is in part of the e... Read More »

Does a router's WAN port have to be connected to a computer?

No, you should not connect a computer to a router's WAN port in a typical home network. In most situations, your ISP will provide an external Internet connection that you should connect to the rout... Read More »