I have my computer connected to my HDTV - but no picture!?

Answer Make sure the output resolution on your video card is set to the native resolution of your tv (probably 720p, you may be able to choose 1280x768, if not then try 1152x864.Go to the control panel an... Read More »

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If I play a DVD on my HDTV I get a thin black horizontal line in the picture a few pixels from the top. Connecting my computer you see the line on the top bottom and sides of any video or DVD. Why?

On your TV, you have the ability to change the aspect ratio of the picture. What's happening is that you may have the aspect ratio improperly set so that the DVD's picture doesn't fill the screen, ... Read More »

Your Panasonic home theater sounds better connected to direct tv receiver than to hdtv set?

There are a number of reasons why sound from one device may sound different to another. With the information given, there is no way to isolate the cause so here is some general advice on finding th... Read More »

Starting from an hdtv cable box using a split cable going to the pip output can you connect another tv to the pip output and get an hdtv picture on the other tv?

Answer Hi, It really depends on your PIP output on the cable box and whether or not the output is HDTV or standard TV. And in some cases, the PIP output will only display non-HDTV channels, depen... Read More »

How are printers able to copy the picture on another device when connected?

Not quite sure what you're referring to in the way of devices, but let's talk about a couple. Fax machines take a document or image, scan the image & turns it into digital data that is then sent to... Read More »