I have mouth pain ........?

Answer I think so. I have heard this many times before, it usually takes more than one treatment though. Finish out the treatment, just like with penicillin.

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I'm 18 and i been having this pain on the back of mouth for 3 days now its on the right side of my mouth?

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Is it normal to still have pain when you open your mouth to eat and be unable to open your mouth fully 2 weeks after having your wisdom teeth removed?

Answer It can be normal. It's sometimes quite a surgery. If you are having any concerns, call you doctor. If it isn't getting better at all or starts to get worse, call your doctor. But some ac... Read More »

Pain in the top of my mouth?

It's not a canker sore. Canker sores go away after a week or two. You might try the symptom checker here & see what the possibilities are. Chances are it's just a harmless growth though. Everyone h... Read More »

Help with pain in my mouth?