I have mold growing on my face. It's green and furry, and at times bleeds.?

Answer You are so lying here. But it might be fun to use a Tilex facial anyway.

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How do I get rid of mold growing under a house?

TestingHire a professional to conduct testing if mold is suspected, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency suggests. Do-it-yourself tests are also available. Testing is not necessary if mold is v... Read More »

How Do I Stop Mold From Growing on My Windows?

Most molds aren't harmful to people without chronic health problems or allergies, but a small amount molds release toxins into the air that are harmful to even the healthiest people. Molds feed on ... Read More »

How to Prevent Mold from Growing in Your Home?

It's important to prevent mold growth in your home. While mold spores are all around us, mold growth can be prevented. Mold growing in your home requires moisture, warmth, and food. Depriving mold ... Read More »

Mold growing on the wall at the head of my bed?

Cosmini mold grows due to excessive moisture like a leak in the wall from a water pipe or a window ;left open during the rains and walls get wet and not dries up or the water may be seeping throug... Read More »