I have microsoft ie as a browser and am going to add google chrome. if i make chrome my default browser,?

Answer Yes sure. :D

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How can anyone like the new google chrome browser?

Pros:I like how you can pull out the tabs and it becomes its own window you can start another browser with just one click and pull. I also like how it doesn't act us as much as the explorer, and wh... Read More »

What do you think about the new browser Google Chrome ?

My rating for the browser is 6/10.Chrome misses out very important feature indispensable for this age browsers like - bookmarks & add-on features.Mozilla provides a great add-ons support & bookmar... Read More »

Will you try or use Google's, 'Chrome' it's new web browser?

I love the new Chrome browser and I think it's going to kill IE, especially when they work out the kinks. It's just a better browser all together - and super fast. I absolutely love that it runs Ja... Read More »

Who else Uses Google Chrome as their Web Browser?

Chrome for windows has come along way, (mac version still isn't to a standard required to become a default browser) but it has proven to be currently faster in testing than firefox, especially with... Read More »