I have major virus problem on computer any help appreciated.?

Answer Lmao at KingKong!! hehe!!I cannot offer any better advice than is already given so just wanted to say Good Luck!! :-)

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Will someone please help me.... major virus problem?

Hello, my name is Dave I think I can help. First get rid of norton. Install "LAVASOFT" to scan your computer. It will tell you the virus and you can take them off yourself. Go to a... Read More »

Please help.! Major computer problem.?

Three most likely possibilities that I've had or read about. Hard drive, graphics card, or screen.A black screen with a blinking white cursor is most likely to be the hard drive. If you can remov... Read More »

Do I have a major problem with my computer. When I press the start button, quite often it will not fire up.?

Hi Sweetie, First if the CMOS battery were dieing you would notice via your CLOCK and DATE down at the bottom right hand corner, they would ALWAYS be slow, or incorrect everytime you started up you... Read More »

Help my computer have a virus!?

You now have two problems; hopefully you still have internet access. You might simply try the following (but you may find that you have to do more):1. Go to Start, Control Panel, Add/Remove progra... Read More »