I have lots of Strawberries..Can you share a good recipe with me?

Answer I made a Strawberry Cream Cheese pie the other day..The recipe-1 ready made chocolate pie crust1 8oz of cream cheese1 8oz of cool whip1 pound of Fresh Strawberries diced with about 1/2 cup of slice... Read More »

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Who has a really good recipe for tuna casserole they would share?

Tuna Noodle Casserole:8 oz pasta- egg noodles, macaroni etc…2 green onions sliced3 tbsp butter¼ small onion8 oz sliced mushrooms2 tbsp flour1 cup milk1/3 cup starchy cooking water2 oz garlic her... Read More »

What is your favorite recipe and are you willing to share it?

Most of the recipes I know are actually vegan! I was vegetarian from ages 14 to 16. I never went full-time vegan, but any time I cooked for myself I used recipes from vegan cook books. My favori... Read More »

Lots of recipes are available on internet recipe books or cookery shows but less info about eating style?

That's called etiquette and not "style.". There are tons of sites on It.

Does anybody have a "recipe" for play dough Will you share it with me?

Sure thing...!!Regular Playdough:Ingredients:1/2 cup salt1 cup flour1 Tablespoon cream of tartar1 Tablespoon vegetable oil1 cup waterFood ColoringWhat to do:Combine ingredients in a saucepan. Heat... Read More »