I have locked jaw help!!?

Answer You need to go to a Dr. That happened to me once. I couldn't open my mouth for 4 months. I lost 15 pounds (didn't mind that part) and I was on Antibiotics. It was ruff!

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Help! I locked myself out of my bedroom. And we dont have a key. How can I pick the lock Any advice?

well breaking the knob is one way...not the bestif it had a small hole theres two ways to open thoseone is a pin that you push in, the other is a small screw that will be able to turn with a small,... Read More »

Im 17 im lost and i need help im locked inside my car idk how to get out! can anyone help mi i accendently?

im locked in your trunk i have the key but i cant get out to open the car

Locked TV!!! HELP!!!?

Turn the TV on, Hold the up arrow, press the power button, when TV turns back on let go of the up arrow!Hold the function key and mute key at the same time.Try combinations of direction arrows foll... Read More »

My JAW is LOCKED =( idk wat to do TMJ help!?

calm down! its happened to me b4! jus leave it alone and when u go to bed and wake up its alot better!!