I have little bite marks everywhere and its itchy?

Answer How about cleaning your stuff ones in a weil,too get the bugs out.......

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Hands and feet feel swollen A little itchy. And ankle area is itchy. Have rash and welts.?

Sounds like skin irritation. Those can develop anytime, even from products/substances you have always been in contact with....

I have an unknown bug bite: it's red, swollen, and very itchy. Ideas?

You should probably seek medical attention. As other answers suggested, it sounds like a spider bite. Almost every part of the US has the risk of some sort of poisonous spider (black-widow. brown... Read More »

I have a really itchy bug bite! im not sure what it is but i need help on how to make it stop itching!!!?

How Do I know If I Have A TICK Bite I am A little Stressed out?

You might see the tick still embedded in your skin. You might get a red bull's eye rash around the bite site. Not all ticks carry lyme disease, so a tick bite in itself is not a big deal unless i... Read More »