I have little bite marks everywhere and its itchy?

Answer How about cleaning your stuff ones in a weil,too get the bugs out.......

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I have an unknown bug bite: it's red, swollen, and very itchy. Ideas?

You should probably seek medical attention. As other answers suggested, it sounds like a spider bite. Almost every part of the US has the risk of some sort of poisonous spider (black-widow. brown... Read More »

What do you put on an itchy insect bite to soothe the itching?

Tick bite in human itchy and swollen?

Was it a tick or a flea? It it's a flea, you have nothing to worry about. If it is a tick and the head is still in you, try removing it. I would go to the Drs though in the next couple of days and... Read More »

I have a really itchy bug bite! im not sure what it is but i need help on how to make it stop itching!!!?