I have left over pizza in the fridge should i heat it up and have some for lunch?

Answer yeah sure if you like your pizza warm:)

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Hello , i have pains in left lower left leg that move all over at random times please help?

Having sat on an aircraft all that way, May have aggravated, existing varicose veins .( if this pain is restricted to the left leg only , that seems unlikely) You did not say, whether you were ab... Read More »

Can you eat sauces that have been opened and left in the fridge for a week?

It's already open therefore it wouldn't be a good idea specially because a week has already passed! good luck!

I have had left arm ache for a couple of days I have had 2 stents fitted in August should I worry?

you need to contact your cardiologist or go into the emergency department and get an ecg done.Its not up to you to figure it out leave it up to your Drs

Im only 22 and have cancer from alcohol and tobacco use. Should I tell my family I dont have much time left!!?