I have left over pizza in the fridge should i heat it up and have some for lunch?

Answer yeah sure if you like your pizza warm:)

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Brown bag ideas for lunch, no fridge?

OK they sell these these things at my college book store , which is basically salami and crackers, Ramen noodles There tuna fish and cracker packages, (different kinds) you can buy from dollar t... Read More »

Old 80-90's school lunch pizza?

That's really nasty man, cardboard covered in stuff. Nobody really knew what was on the School pizzas when I attended.

How to Eat Nutritiously at a Pizza Lunch Restaurant?

Several places, such as Pizza Hut, serve pizza for lunch and dinner. While it is great, it is important not to over-eat.

Where can i purchase school lunch pizza ?

I would ask a local school who their supplier is. OR... ask the school if you can buy some pies directly from them. (Years ago, my daughter's elementary school sold boxes of frozen burgers -- the... Read More »