I have left no tip at all three days in a row same server everytime.?

Answer tell the manager. period. if they are stupid enough to keep this person employed, then i would find another place to dine, or when you come in, ask for another server. I own a restaurant and have... Read More »

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Can I return a faulty tv to argos that has 4 days left on its 12 month garantee, they cant repair it 6 days?

If the t.v is still under guarantee, it doesn't matter how much of the guarantee is left, they have to do something. Are you also saying that they cant fix it in 6 days (therefore out of guarantee)... Read More »

I have 5gb left for 10 days. Will my usual internet usage last for 10 more days?

Call of Duty uses barely and data (about 10mb/hr) and facebook isn't much more. Youtube and skype on the other hand, use maybe 10-20 times as much data as call of duty. Think somewhere along the li... Read More »

Could you be pregnant if your left ovary is tingling the 4th and 5th days after your 5th intra uterine insemination treatment and the mature folicles were on your left ovary?

Im 13and I was post to start my period yesterday and still haven't and everytime i eat something i want to puke it back upbut i dont hav morning sicknes only have night sickness and my x left me?

your just a late bloomer. and the puking thing is probably nerves. you should go see a gastronologist!