I have just received over 100?

Answer Lucky,no one has anything to do with me.

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Last year an accidental fire stated in your kitchen you lost all of your possessions and did not have renters insurance Its been over a year now and you just received a letter from a collection agency?

Many people travel overseas or maker air travel for getting free medical care. They would even want to have babies overseas to attain foreign citizenship for their babies. Having travel insurance o... Read More »

Just reinstalled Windows XP. Is it normal to have same updates installed over and over again?

if u mean that u want to install updates for ur new xp, then u can. but be sure to restart after every update

I am just wondering for those of you attending University of Phoenix, have you received your loan refund yet?

i have not receive mines yet either and the loan have not been posted to the school account either they just give you the rip around I don't know what to do.

Have just received an ipod nano for xmas but cannot initiate setup assistant when connecting to pc.. help?

Actually, I am seeking assistance to the question above. I just received an iPod nano today and plugged it in this morning. It is now 10:07 p.m. Sunday night and I still have the "do not disconne... Read More »