I have just got braces!!!!?

Answer 4-7 days. I ate soft foods the 2nd and 3rd day...NO APPLES! Take some tylenol or advil. I got headaches so if you get a headache instead of taking advil or tylenol, take exedrin. You should have mi... Read More »

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Just got braces and have questions to ask! ?

After a few weeks, they just become apart of your mouth and you don't even notice them anymore. The pain should subside in a few days. Take Ibuprofen! Also you may want to have your ortho check out... Read More »

I just got braces today, I have a few questions?

1) Your gums are already tough so having braces doesn't seem to have an affect on them.2) It's not exactly harder to brush braces as opposed to when you didn't have them. It's just that it takes mo... Read More »

Is it normal to have braces on when you've just turned 15?

It is totally normal. A lot of my friends had their braces around the time you're talking about. In fact, a few of then only got them at the age you're due to have them off.Don't worry about it -... Read More »

I just got chains on my braces I have had them on about 7 months?

Take an advil and try to go to sleep. The pain will go away in about a day or two.