I have just bought some instant water. What should I add to it?

Answer No need to add a sense of humor. You already added it. I can't believe I had to read that question twice. I have to go to bed now LOL LOL LOL

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Im a vegan but i have just bought some chickens as pets so is it ok to ear their eggs? meat or dairy products....eggs included!i bet your one of those vegans who still eats bacon...

HI, I just bought my own place and i don't have any tools. What tools should I have in the house?

Go to a home iprovement store and buy a tool kit consisting of screw drivers, pliers, ratchet and sockets. 40$Cordless drill 30$ " saw 40$hammer 5$flashlight ... Read More »

I just bought some 1.00 reading glasses.I have 20/20 vision. Will they hurt my eyesight?

Eye glasses most often encourage the incorrect vision habits and lead to blurrier vision.If one becomes aware of the correct vision habits and avoids the incorrect vision behaviors, then they can s... Read More »

I bought bake pops, should I use instant or cook and serve pudding?

Cake pops and both instant and cook and serve pudding mixes have high fructose corn syrup and partially hydrogenated oils in them, eating them will give you and your family heart disease, diabetes,... Read More »