I have just bought a new computer which came preinstalled with Linux Ubuntu.?

Answer GREAT! Thanks for supporting the Linux community by getting an Ubuntu powered PC!Don't be discouraged by specifications that say the WebCam will only work on Windows. This often refers to the softw... Read More »

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Just bought new PC came with both VGA and DVI cables to monitor, which one I use?

In perceived quality, Vga and DVI look same. DVI however is better fas it offers high refresh rate and higher resolutions than VGA. DVI is also preferred for multi monitor setup.

Which retailers sell netbooks with Linux preinstalled?

DELL were but not sure if they still are pushing out PC's/Laptops with Ubuntu installed…LUg.

We bought a HP computer it came without a printer...will any brand be compatible with the computer?

Printer compatibility with computers has nothing to do with the brand. If Your HP computer is running Windows XP or Vista, and the printer you purchase claims it is compatible with either of these ... Read More »

Where can i get PC's or laptops with Linux preinstalled?

Dell has a "n" line of laptops. Which can be purchased with Linux. I was looking this morning, the selection isn't grand, however. Read More »