I have installed Windows XP in my C:\ drive. Mistakenly I installed another copy of XP in D:\ drive.?

Answer If you want to keep that image of XP there you you can modify the boot.ini file and remove the second install on XP to stop your machine from trying to boot from D: if you installed applications yo... Read More »

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I have installed windows 7 in c drive after that i installed windows xp2 in e drive. now i able to open xp2 to?

pls keep windows 7 cd-disk while you are turning on the computer and click on start up repair option after a few basic steps/clicks(u have said that u have installed , i hope you have knowledge abo... Read More »

I want to add a second hard drive to a computer but it already has windows installed on it?

IDE and SATA are not interchangeable. There aren't even adapters, you cannot run a second hard drive with a different port. And you would have to wipe the other hard drive before you could install ... Read More »

My c drive corrupted so i installed OS in d drive but i had certain important to view them.?

Sorry but No it is not possible due to windows security tech. For your information, Windows Directory (system partition ) is not a good place to store important data.

I just installed my hard drive and now I cannot get it out, what do I need to do?

What the h.... ? I don't even know what to say. This is obviously a sign that you can't be trusted with hard drives.Use soap or Vaseline. Now stop sticking your hard drive in places it doesn't belong.