I have hundreds of photos on my pc and need to save them.....?

Answer You have to work out, or estimate, how many photos you are likely to want storage for, and how accessible you need them to be. If you are thinking of using memory sticks, or similar small storage d... Read More »

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What is an easy way to scan a lot of photos (hundreds!) and turn them into electronic files?

step1: get all your images together that you want to scan.step2: turn your computer onstep3: get you scanner readystep4: get your car keysstep5: go to kinkosstep6: tell them to do it. step7: pay th... Read More »

Im scanning photos to my computer. how do i want to save them; TIFF, JPEG, PICT, PDF...?

I am going to disagree with most other posters. If you need to use JPEG because you are going to immediately do something like upload them to the internet, use JPEG. Yes, it is the file type most p... Read More »

I deleted photos from desktop and then from recycle bin, need them back,can i get them?

Ooops! Did you have them backed up anywhere? Do you have System Restore switched on? (I presume you're using Windows).

Is there software that will recognise multiple photos scanned in on 1 sheet and save them as separate files?

Not that I know of. Can't you just use the selection box on each scan to separate them manually?