I have had three sleepless nites in a row..............?

Answer wish I was closer...I sure would help. Do you have Hospice folks there that will come in and sit with Val for a bit...some even will stay at night so you can sleep. Here is the states hospice is av... Read More »

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What to Do for a Restless & Sleepless Baby?

The state of Arizona requires all drivers to possess a valid driver's license and maintain at least $15,000 in bodily injury insurance and $10,000 in property damage insurance. If you have no licen... Read More »

Having Sleepless Nights . . . Any Ideas?

Hi, LadyLove,Actually, the best herb to help with deep relaxation and sleep, is "valerian extract, or valerian root"... You can pick up bottles of it (available in capsule form, and sometimes in te... Read More »

Song on the radio another sleepless night?

There's a song called like that by Shawn Christopher. Also other artists that have songs with that name: JIimmy Clanton, Anne Murray, Neil Sedaka. Maybe it's one of them.

Is brown discharge a sign of pregnancy Due on in one week off the pill and last couple of days had sleepless nights?

Answer No, brown discharge could one be a sign of a bacteria infection or two a brown discharge is a part o your hormones balancing out after getting off of your pill. There is 2 ways to know if y... Read More »

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