I have had chronic pain on the left side of my neck and shoulder for years.?

Answer Yes that injury could absolutely be where this problem began. Chiropractors know these sorts of things, and understand what the causes and cures are, not Medical Doctors who are just looking for s... Read More »

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Should you be concerned if you have a small hard fixed lump on the back left side of your neck that causes severe headaches and neck pain in that general area?

There are two things that it can be. Either you have a torn or strained muscle that is now a knot and needs to be taken care of by message or chiropractic care. Or your glands are swollen and it sh... Read More »

Throbbing headaches with neck/ shoulder pain on one side of head?

nerve interference. see an hio method chiropractor.

Sudden pain on left side of my neck!?

You've likely pinched a nerve in your neck. You can put an ice pack on it to try to ease the swelling, or massage the muscles with your hand. You might try getting in the same position that caus... Read More »

Single swollen painless lymph node on the left side of my neck for 2-3 years now! Help!?

I imagine you touch it every day, don't you? By doing so, you keep it in a state of irritation. Leave the damn thing alone and the swelling will go down. It may take a few months, so just don't t... Read More »