I have had a tore up tummy fore 5 days?

Answer Sis you may have a virus. It will have to wear itself out. Drink lots of water, and eat soup, jello, pudding. Solid food will only upset your tummy more. If it gets worse or doesn't improve, t... Read More »

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Teen girl tore my acl in soccer need surgery and staying in the hospital for a few days?

It would be very, very very unusual for you to stay overnight in the hospital unless you have an underlying medical condition that needs to be monitored. This is 99% of the time does as an outpati... Read More »

Daughter conplaining of tummy pains for 2 days but now crying in pain?

I am sure she will be ok if your husband has taken her to the hospital dont worry she is in the best possible place.

At 4 weeks and 3 days pregnant along with sore breasts and nipples and a bloated tummy and flu like symptoms is it normal to hurt in your abdomin when you cough?

Answer Yes this is normal and it sounds like you have pulled one of your abdominal muscles through coughing too much. But because your at such a early stage in your pregnancy (congratulations BTW)... Read More »

GUYS - do you prefer a bit of a flabby, soft tummy or a washboard, really flat tummy?