I have had Bovine implanted in a part of my Body. Will I turn into a Mad Cow?

Answer What dya mean turn into..?*runs and hides *

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Ladies... If you could blink your eyes and one part of your body be perfect, what part would you choose?

My thighs!Or . . .My face. Haha I hate breaking out . . .

What part of the body and how does the flu attack the body?

Answer: respiratory system, mostlyI am copying an answer I gave a while back to a question about how influenza can affect the respiratory system. _____There are a few different main strains of infl... Read More »

What part of your body do you like the most?

my soul. my eyes are not too shabby either.

If you had to lose one body part what would it be?

If I could get rid of one body part I think I’d chose my belly button, what purpose does it serve????