I have groin pain, could this be sciatica or hip trouble?

Answer When there is cracking it's a sign of tight muscles in the area for they are binding joints up so the bones can't rotate properly to turn, they are actually rolling a bit out of the joint and pop... Read More »

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Can i exercise when having sciatica pain?

On One Hand: Exercise Can Help Relieve Sciatic PainExercise can help relieve sciatic pain and prevent future flareups, whereas disuse can actually aggravate the condition. Low-impact exercises are ... Read More »

Pain Near my Groin Help!!?

Sounds like you pulled/stressed out a muscle. Happens to me in different spots from work occasionally, i usually get it in my chest and when i move any related muscle it's kind of a stabbing pain. ... Read More »

Serious Q regarding hip/groin pain...?…is a link you should take a look at. I think you have a groin pull injury, based on what you've written.However, since the injury was as severe as you sa... Read More »

Pain Near my Groin and Adbomen Help!!?

I think your muscles need to rest. You might be overworking them or using different muscles you didn't know about that haven't been used to being used. A rest time till the pain subsides is recomme... Read More »