I have groin pain, could this be sciatica or hip trouble?

Answer When there is cracking it's a sign of tight muscles in the area for they are binding joints up so the bones can't rotate properly to turn, they are actually rolling a bit out of the joint and pop... Read More »

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I have this annoying pain in my lower back what could this be?

I have a sore vein in my groin area.. What could it be?

it could be a slightly raised gland doing it's job and has made itself known whilst clearing your body of a bug that you aren't even aware could be a strain or pull from lifting or m... Read More »

I have had a bulging disk in my lower back for over 2 years now and it causes sciatica never pain.?

I'm an 56 female I have had an enlarged lymph node in my groin for two months now , , could it be cancer?

Impossible to tell from that, have it looked at.