I have got a trojan horse virus on my computer what do I do?

Answer Use a good antivirus program. Here you have some free options. I recomend Avast.…

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What is a computer virus and a trojan horse?

Computer viruses are programs that infect software and files on a computer. How this happens and what the results are depend greatly on the type of virus and the specific code within that virus. Vi... Read More »

How to remove trojan horse virus from the computer?

Try out this... But 107 MB Downloading of file...It's faster, smarter security that won't slow your computer down."AVG INTERNET SECURITY v9.0663"Banking and shopping onlineAVG Identity Protection K... Read More »

How do I remove a Trojan horse virus from a computer?

PreventionPrevent computer virus from infecting your computer in the first place. Trojan horses are rogue computer viruses that rob personal and sensitive information and relays the information to ... Read More »

Definition of Trojan Horse Computer Virus?

The "Trojan horse" computer virus is a reference to the classic legend about how the Greeks won the Trojan War: by giving a hollowed-out statue of a horse to the Trojans as a "gift." That night, Gr... Read More »