I have got a hangover from hell what shall I do?

Answer more drink,i think

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What shall i have from the chinese takeaway tonight?

Chicken chinese style, special chow mein, special curry, chicken fried rice, pancake rolls and prawn crackers.

OOoh I have a hangover from last night's party. What can you suggest to make me feel better?

three beersor tomatoe juiceor three beers with tomatoe juiceaw heck just hit the vodka

I have a downstairs neighbor from hell...?

OH gees I know the type I have a crazy woman from hell living across the street from me she's a major pain in the butt what written on the dish the name call them of tell them to come and take it ... Read More »

*UGH! I have the cramps from hell. How Can I Cure Them?

Men should not be allowed to answer this question! :)I feel your pain, I used to get horrible cramps. The best cure for me was heat. Drink some hot coffee, tea, or hot chocolate. Get a heating ... Read More »