I have glasses and I hate them how do I improve my eyesight so I dont have to wear them anymore?

Answer Most people only know about artificial corrections(glasses, contacts, surgery) for getting clarity. Nearsighted artificial corrections give us clarity but they make the image smaller on the retina.... Read More »

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How to improve eyesight without glasses?

There's a natural method that you can apply to improve your vision. It has been developed by eye experts with scientific and proven system that can lead you to get your vision back naturally. Two o... Read More »

How to improve your eyesight naturally without the help of eye glasses or surgery?

Nature has equipped human kind with a power to heal eye problems. Yes, you can make the best of it to bring back your eyesight condition. The first thing is you have to understand the 2 basic eleme... Read More »

What are some non-surgical, not glasses or contacts ways to improve my eyesight?

All these answers: exercises and carrots are the reason why 60 to 80 percent of Americans have blurry vision. Optometry has us trained well.Most people are supposed to have natural perfect eyesight... Read More »

Does your eyesight get worse if you wear your glasses?

Blurry vision comes from the way we use our eyes mind and body together. As people rely on artificial corrections(glasses, contacts, surgery) they have no need to change their vision habits and mos... Read More »