I have four rubber bands put in....?

Answer Put in where??

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I have 3/16" elastic "rubber bands" for braces?

Completely right :)Went through this as well.

How long will I have rubber bands on my braces for?

It may not seem like they are not working, but I had mine for 8 months and at the end my teeth were straight. Check and see What kind of brand you have for a rubber band bag and if you have an eagl... Read More »

What part of rubber bracelets/bands have lead?

I don't think any does. I'm pretty sure that's illegal... I hope

I forgot which teeth I am supposed to have my rubber bands on?

I would suggest calling them up and asking them for some advice. Also search on the internet for 'braces with rubber bands' and you might recognize how she meant to put them on. Also, on the block ... Read More »