I have fibromyalgia and live in pain all the time?

Answer I have Fibromyalgia and have been living with this condition for 33 years. when I first got it they didn't even know what it was. I understand the need for medication for pain, but it seems like ... Read More »

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How to Live With Fibromyalgia or Other Chronic Pain?

Pain.You are rarely or never without it. Sometimes it seems as though it takes on a personality and that he is overwhelming who you are. He brings his friends depression and fatigue. The light at t... Read More »

What can I do about fibromyalgia pain?

Because it is a set of symptoms, fibromyalgia is classified as a syndrome rather than a disease. The cause of fibromyalgia syndrome or FMS is unclear, but it is invasive, affecting every aspect of ... Read More »

What causes fibromyalgia pain?

Fibromyalgia creates head-to-toe pain and constant fatigue. Your muscles, ligaments and tendons hurt and ache, making it difficult to get even little things accomplished. Sleeping can even be chall... Read More »

Lexapro for Fibromyalgia Pain?

Lexapro is a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI) that restores the balance of natural chemicals in the brain. It is often used to treat fibromyalgia pain because of the role it plays in a... Read More »