I have exactly $20 to eat for two weeks. Any suggestions?

Answer Buy some staples such as eggs, beans, rice, pasta, a block of cheese, bread or tortillas, and whatever meat you can find on sale...cook it, divide it into portions and freeze some portions. Like m... Read More »

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How can I encourage labor to come this weekend I am 40 weeks pregnant and if he don't come I'm going to have a scheduled induction any suggestions?

induction i wish u the best of luck but u cannot encourage labor to come. Biologically, the baby will contract in the womb when he/she is ready to come, you're body is the one that makes labor poss... Read More »

Is a heart beat of 107 bad for being exactly 6 weeks pregnant?

Answer Not at all. The baby has a slower heartbeat when it is forming, don't you worry it will more than likely skyrocket up to somewhere between 120-170 in the next couple weeks :)Starting at week... Read More »

I want to transform my bod in 6 weeks any strict regime i can follow with exactly what to eat and how much/har?

Get a book called Men's Health Power Training by Robert Dos Remedios. There are no gimmicks and nothing is sugarcoated.

I need to fix up my backyard with only 3 weeks time..any suggestions?

Hmm...since you don't have that much time and probably not that much money, just to make it look cute for the BBQ just get some out door string lights, some tiki torches add some plants here and th... Read More »