I have ethical concerns regarding abortion...?

Answer ABORTIONIn Catholic morality, abortion is either direct (induced) or indirect. Direct abortion is any destruction of the product of human conception, whether before or after implantation in the wom... Read More »

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Ethical Concerns Regarding Business Research?

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Ethical Concerns of Doctoral Students?

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Ethical Concerns & Organ Donation?

Living or deceased donors provide human organs for transplantation as a nearly pure altruistic act. Organs cannot be sold in the United States and technical limitations make it nearly impossible to... Read More »

So what makes IVF more ethical than abortion?

Maybe because most abortions are performed AFTER the 6 week gestation period where the baby actually has a HEARTBEAT. With IVF it does not have a heartbeat yet. Most don't view it as a "life" unti... Read More »