I have dual moniters, how can i not minimize when i swap between them?

Answer Set the games to Windowed Maximized. If the game doesn't have that option then you can't do what you want.

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What is the diffferance between LCD and CRT Moniters?

CRT stands for Cathode Ray Tube, CRT Monitors are heavier and bulkier from front to back, like an old fashioned TV, whereas LCD (liquid crystal display) are commonly referred to as flat screen and... Read More »

When can I cut my roses I have a fewbuds just beginning to open up. I want to cut them and enjoy them?

Proper rose care is never "nonsense". Enjoying the beautiful flowers during the spring and summer and then pruning out the dead limbs at fall is all thats needed. Cut on the diagonal as soon as yo... Read More »

What Can Be Used on Acne Scars to Minimize Them?

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Can you swap SIM cards between mobile phones?

You can swap SIM cards between two GSM phones, but one of two conditions need to be met: Both phones need to be on the same network, or you need to swap the SIM to an unlocked phone. If the destina... Read More »