I have downloaded a movie from,how am i supposed 2 convert it?

Answer Go on Google and look for a video converter. You can either buy one or download the free trial. They are amazing to have.

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Downloaded movie trying to burn onto a DVD, what format should I convert it to?

Use the built-in Windows DVD Movie Maker. Windows 7 has it.If you like, use any of these:……Don't worry about the ... Read More »

How do I convert downloaded movies to DVD?

Download and install the DVD burning software that can convert your movie file to DVD. Choose any software compatible with your computer; many programs are available for PC and Mac operating system... Read More »

How do I put a downloaded movie onto a CD?

Choose burning software to convert your movie file to CD. There are dedicated VCD burners available, but since DVD is a more popularly used format compared to CD (a standard DVD can accommodate 4.7... Read More »

How to Convert iTunes Downloaded Music (.M4P) to MP3?

Before iTunes Plus, all of the music sold on iTunes were encoded using proprietary software called Digital Restrictions Management. DRM allows Apple to track how many computers the file you downloa... Read More »