I have done lifescan finger print amd came back with nothing on my crminal rec.?

Answer lol. if it's sent to FBI they can .

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I have searched the cia cnn website for kalpa vigraha and all related phrases like Hindu idol st mustang circus0183 and came up with nothing do you have any credible reference sourced from the cia?

When has the CIA ever published their doings on a website? That would amount to admitting they conducted experiments on unsuspecting human subjects of the United States. I suspect the CIA would nev... Read More »

I have lost my little finger this morning and have done a good job patching it up with bandages and plasters.?

I shouldn`t worry too much `cos your nose is gunna fall off later.

If I have to get finger printing done for my work should they have to pay for it?

I'm not aware of any requirement that forces a potential employer to pay for prerequisite testing/screening/finger printing etc. Most of them will...but I'm not aware of a specific law/rule that s... Read More »

What could be wrong if you have pain in your back and neck with numbness and some dizzyness and headaches but x-rays and a sinus ct show nothing?

Answer X-rays wouldn't really show much. When I had an X-ray done of my neck it showed the curve of my neckbone being backwards. So I was set up with a MRI to see if I had a herniated disk. The MRI... Read More »