I have difficulty differentiating sounds, but alone, my hearing is quite good?

Answer You could have something called Sensory Integration Disorder which allows your hearing to be very sensitive but not allow you to concentrate on one sound.

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How to make a circuit with which I can pick up faint sounds louder like a hearing aid?

To get started quickly, try a Velleman MK136 "Super Ear" kit.It should be available from many sources.Ramsey Electronics offers it for $9.95 plus shipping.Other companies offer similar items in eit... Read More »

If I have good/excellent hearing and I then wear hearing aids.....?

The frequencies amplified to make speech easier to hear, mostly between 1 and 3Khz, are quite high, and one downside of wearing aids is that high-pitched noises. like cutlery and crockery banging t... Read More »

A child who has difficulty repeating a song or following verbal directions may have a difficulty with?

Less than 2%, though 10% of patients with DiGeorge have TOF.

Differentiating the Curriculum for Teachers?

Differentiated curriculum is a method of accommodating students. Gifted students are students who learn more quickly, understand abstract concepts sooner and can effectively solve problems, while s... Read More »