I have deleted my cookies,what happns next?

Answer hope you deleted your offline and temp files too and also ran a virus check and spyware check and you will be fine.

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Where are the emails I've deleted in my Gmail account Is there not a trash or deleted box I can go to?

Its right there on the Left of the screen under inbox and sent mails

Which app have I deleted?

I didn't think you could delete the built in Apps? But anyway, Game Centre is missing off of your list...

Will we have to have cable service to receive TV signal w/ the converter boxes next Feb?

Be sure you have a good UHF antenna.. or you might want to go to the local radio shack and buy a bowtie indoor antennafor $3.99 and hook that up to your converter box..Youll be amazed on how many ... Read More »

Who is legally next of kin in the UK if an individuals parents have died and whose siblings have been disowned?

The will should have a clause in it as where the money goes. The parents could leave the money to their own parents (if alive); their own children; a church or charity.