I have clogged ear feeling?

Answer Yes, see your doctor and find out exactly what is causing the problem. You can't properly treat something if you don't know what you are treating.The two most common reasons are otitis media cause... Read More »

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You are losing your mucus plug or you already have in the last few days and you're feeling pelvic pressure it's like a tingling feeling is this normal and what is this pressure?

I seem to have clogged pipes in my bathroom from eating too many bran muffins. Do you have any suggestions?

Iam 34 weeks and 4days pregnant and have been feeling lower back pain off and on almost all day Im not sure if you have dialated yet or not your Dr hasnt checked you yet and you have been told the bab?

Answer Back pain my be a sign of early labour but if your abdomen is not going tight I doubt if that is the case. If your abdomen is going hard I suggest you see your maternity carer.At this stage... Read More »

Toilet is clogged - should I just replace it or have someone unclog it?

You have to get aggressive with a plunger. Try 9 or 10 very hard strokes in a row then stop to see if the water goes down. If not, do it again. I have had to plunge for several minutes to get so... Read More »