I have changed 5 cpu fans since last 8 months!!what is the problem?

Answer If you buy the same brand and model of fan and they are a cheap brand, then it's not surprising at all that they would all fail on a regular interval. Otherwise, you might want to get a multi-mete... Read More »

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I have problem with my printer. Brother All in one. I changed all colors and it stillsay magenta refill needed?

have you removed the tape on it? probably it is also clogged..

Televisi on problem my tv wont come on just the standby flashing changed batteries tried all buttons no good?

This sounds a simple thing to try but it worked for me with the same problem. Switch off at the main and unplug for 4-5 minutes. Plug back in and switch main power on. leave for another few minute... Read More »

Why does the LCD screen go blank within seconds of turning on TV no problem with sound cooling fans still operating?

Sounds like your projection lamp or ballast may be failing. I really hope you have an extended warranty in force on your TV, as it could get expensive.

Are ceiling fans more cost effective and efficient than portable box pedestal room fans?

AnswerI bought a ceiling fan for my front room for $80 (live in Canada) and that old girl has been going for over 10 years! I wouldn't be without one. Go for the ceiling fan as heat rises and it re... Read More »