I have cancelled the pictures from web , i want to reinstall?

Answer I'm providing guidance for a Windows Machine and assuming you're seeking guidance for Pictures in Web Pages.Following shows how to disable the download so just reverse the action to enable the down... Read More »

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How can I transfer my pictures from picassa from google to a USB drive I don;t want to do it one by one?

all your photos are usually default in your my document folder under photos. Picassa is just a software that allows you to view them. It doesn't have it's separate folder for photos. hope that helps

How to Reinstall Sample Pictures?

When your Windows user account is created, Microsoft installs a series of photographs in your "Sample Pictures" folder. These photos include animals and beautiful natural landscapes and make great ... Read More »

I bought a used laptop computer, i want to use DVD and download video pictures from my camera;how possible?

You have to buy a video capture divice USB in any computer store or electronics sales and then you connect it to the usb port on your computer then in the divice you connect the 3 cables: yellow , ... Read More »

I want to reinstall gta sa without cd?

I don't think that's possible...Unless you installed SA from files on your computer without using a CD, you can try uninstalling it from control panel and then re-installing it again for the files ... Read More »