I have cable tv but no aerial do i need tv licence?

Answer As no one seems to understand the Law about The TV Licence Let me put you right.In answer to your question YES you do need a LicenceYou must have a TV Licence in the UK if you watch or record any T... Read More »

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Do you need to have a TV Licence to own a TV Aerial?

You need to have a television licence if you have receiving equipment capable of receiving TV broadcasts. But not if you only own an aerialHowever an aerial might be seen as a sign that you probab... Read More »

What kind of tv aerial cable should I have?

I bet you that it is 'not' that socket plate on the wall..but a PLUG plate on the wall - it seems to be a common thing to doput the pug in a plate, so now the cable needs to be a socket on a leadSi... Read More »

TV for University. Aerial Cable HELP !?

Into the TV, it will be a Belling Lee "co axial" TV plugfrom the wall socket - who knows ?you will need to wait till you get there, it could be a socket (female), which is normal.but it has been kn... Read More »

Advantages and disadvantages of an aerial vertical photo and an aerial tilted photograph?

It all depends on what it is you're trying to do. Aerial vertical gives you the "direct down" view, so that you get an undistorted view from above straight down. Or at least as undistorted as the l... Read More »