I have cable in other rooms of my house but i want to install it in my room but i dont have a cable outlet!?

Answer I did this in my house: get a drill and drill a hole in your wall which has a room on the other side of it with cable. Then, attach a splitter to the cable in the other room, and attach a new cab... Read More »

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What is the best looking solution for hooking my TV to the cable outlet that is across the room?

You can either run real cable along the wall, nailing in tiny clips to secure it against the baseboard (about every 6 inches ot be super discreet). Or, you can go to Lowe's and grab a wire hider. ... Read More »

How To Install a Cable TV Outlet With Coax?

Installing a television receptacle in the wall will make a big improvement in the appearance of the room and it can be done in less than an hour for only a few dollars worth of materials. What a di... Read More »

Does Cable Internet and Cable TV use the same coaxel outlet?

TV and internet should come through the same cable. The cable will be split after leaving the wall using a splitter. One of the two resulting cables will run to your TV or Cable receiver, the other... Read More »

Does the cable guy have to come to your house to turn off your digital cable?

Not in most markets. they just de-authorize your box.