I have bruises all over my body, what causes this?

Answer My advice would be to consult your doctor. The link below may be helpful.

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Why am I Suddenly getting bruises all over my body?

Possibility #1:vitamin C deficiency.The body uses vitamin C in breaking down the (chemical) meds and detoxifying the bloodstream from their side affects. When we're low on C, our cell walls break... Read More »

Body Makeup That Will Hide Cellulite & Bruises?

Despite the "perfect" models you see on the glossy pages of fashion magazines, no one has perfect skin. Visible imperfections such as spider veins, cellulite or bruises can happen to anyone. These ... Read More »

What vitamin is lacking in your body when bruises don't heal quickly?

Lack of ascorbic acid (vitamin c) is the most probable cause of bruising. It's primary function is in collagen synthesis and vascular homeostasis.Lack of tocopherol (vitamin E) works in tandem with... Read More »

Someone please help me!!Body sore for no reason now bruises are popping up for no reason?

Im no doctor, and when I say im no doctor, im actually no where near a doctor. But this sounds kinda like a relative of mine's symptoms a while ago. She was sent to hospital and was diagnosed with ... Read More »