I have brown recluse spiders in my home. Is there a natural remedy for them?

Answer Not really, short of professional extermination. These spiders are easier to live with than people think, as long as you take a few common sense steps to avoid bites you can easily live your whole ... Read More »

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Comparison of Brown Recluse & Wolf Spiders?

The bite of the brown recluse spider can cause serious health problems, including death, especially in children, the elderly and people in poor health. Typically, the result is a large, painful wou... Read More »

What is a natural way to heal a brown recluse spider bite?

Most brown recluse bites will heal nicely with just common first aid.Given your injury is very recent, I might suggest a trip to a clinic or dermatologist to have it examined.If there is a need for... Read More »

Home remedy for brown spots on face left by pimples?

u can't remove dark patches that fast; it's ironic because one can tan in a day, but the other can't lighten skin in one treatment; use a mild skin lightening soap and/or cream which i think is you... Read More »

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