I have bought lyrica tablets online?

Answer Yes, This code is still working I have bought lyrica tablets too with bestgenericlyrica by using 9269c code

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Discount needed in lyrica tablets?

Yes 9269c code really working in if you use this code you get 15% discount on your order

I bought a hookah online?

nope, they won't dont worry. the postal office probably wont even know whats in the box.. so they won't. :) and cant. its just a package

What was the last thing that you bought online?

An Ifinite 3d concert(kpop). It was great.

Bought a DVD from "Across the Pond" online but.....?

Depending on where you bought it, you are probably running into the arificial regionalization limits put into DVD players. The majority of commercial DVD's are tagged to only play in certain regio... Read More »