I have bleeding gums what wrong?

Answer hey dont panick its probably a bit of gum disease and its easy to get rid of.. either see your dentist and they can advise or.. i use Corsodyl which you can buy in any chemist/boots/superdrug.. its... Read More »

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Why are my gums always bleeding?

It's very comon. The bleeding is usually caused by tartar beneath the gums and when we irritate through brushing too hard etc. I reccommend an ultrasonic scale from a dentist, which cleans beneath ... Read More »

Bleeding gums?

get him to take an extra Vitamin C tablet as bleeding gums can be associated with having low levels of this vitamin. Plus since his diet is lacking in fresh fruit and veg then he really sounds like... Read More »

Causes of often bleeding of Teeth and gums?

common cause of bleeding gums are infections in their gums when they do not take care of their oral hygiene.…

My gums are swollen and bleeding?

go to the doctor and in the meantime take advil to reduce the swelling.