I have big aspirations and think I need to run this country?

Answer you should be running the world!!!!! vote for you i'd help run the campaign

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Do you think i need to go to the doctor if i have this symptoms for diabetes?

Yes i think. Go there ASAP, because alcohol taste means ketotic breath, and if you know what ketones mean, you know that means your sugar metabolism and lipid metabolism is severely affected becau... Read More »

Web Hosting Question - How much space do you think I would need for this Web site?

You don't need to worry about the disk space 'cause you can get UNLIMITED disk space and bandwidth from http://IXWebHosting.TK/ or you can view a simple chart at Read More »

I am in DESPERATE need of my daycare name.need by 5:00!maybe u can help.i have been working on this all week!?

Congrats. on your new venture. Remember you are dealing with Mums and Dads before you get the kids in. So I think the name should appeal to Mums etc before the kids and reflect not only fun but ea... Read More »

I need a new facebook profile pic, but my sister says this one looks bad of me. what d'yall think?

ummm i would not use it because we can't see ur face.