I have been vomiting a lot from a stomach flu, & it looks like one of my eyes is pushed out a little, more...?

Answer Vomiting, especially forcefully and/or frequently can cause blood vessels in the face to rupture, as well as swelling all over the face. Your eye is likely not pushed out but just very swollen aro... Read More »

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How to cure stomach flu and vomiting ?

Give her these Homeopathic Remedies NUX VOMICA 30X half hour before meals and ARSENICUM ALBUM 30X half hour after meals and she will be back on her feet within three doses. No Side Effects or Compl... Read More »

Can you avoid vomiting with a stomach virus?

On One Hand: Vomiting Is a Defense MechanismEmesis (vomiting) is a common symptom of viral gastroenteritis. During a viral infection, the stomach is irritated and trying to rid itself of harmful an... Read More »

What should a child eat when vomiting with a stomach virus?

On One Hand: Nauseous Children Shouldn't EatIt is best to give your child's stomach a rest when he has been vomiting. Wait until he is no longer throwing up before you attempt to reintroduce solid ... Read More »

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It is not illegal for the mother to tell her child to 'Beat Up' someone. It is considered child neglect and the Child Protective Services can intervene with the parents 'Parenting Skills'.