I have been notified that have won $ 500,000 in a lottery sponsored by Yahoo and Microsoft. I am suspicious?

Answer It is a scam.Even I have been notified like that once.Instead of transfering money into your account,they will ask to transfer more and more money into their accounts and the persons who believe th... Read More »

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I have received a very suspicious e-mail labeled "yahoo/msn lottery". Do you know if this is legitimate?

I havent seen anyone recommend I would recommend it.

I have been notified that I won Yahoo lottery in UCan it be true How can I verify if its real or no?

It's definitely a scam. Besides, since when has Yahoo! ever run a lottery? Don't reply and please DO NOT give out any personal information. It can be used against you. With most email, if you don't... Read More »

I have been notified that i have won $1million dollars in the American lottery. I did select numbers and send?

You probably signed up for FreeLotto which I have one dozens of time. I only won $1.00 but still I won. They only require credit cards if you want to automatic picks and the results mailed to you d... Read More »

I got some mails which say that i have won yahoo/msn lottery and asking for my details what should i do?

I wouldn't listen to these guys. They know that not everyone can win the lottery and the fewer people that play the more like that they'll get more money for themselves. You should always investiga... Read More »