I have been looking to buy an iPhone online and I found this site mobilesalesincdotcom does anyone the website and is it trustworthy?

Answer Adobe Flash is not currently supported on the iPhone, so it is not currently possible to download the Adobe Flash player to the iPhone.

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Why is the sound system I want on the manufacturer's website $2300 Yet I found it for $206 on another site?

100% scam.That is a fake website pretending to sell cheap merchandise. Those badges of security, verified, etc are just pictures, not links to the real security sites. A real, legit selling site wi... Read More »

I just found my boss' wife on an online porn site, should I pay the $20 or just tell him?

Did you make up that question? If you're serious, don't say anything to him. He'll wonder why you're there, in the first place. And he may already know about it but is embarrassed. It's never a goo... Read More »

Is the site '' a trustworthy site?

Yes, it is a trustworthy site! I ordered all my kpop posters and merchandise and they arrive very quickly :] If there are any problems or questions, you can just email them, or ask them on their f... Read More »

Can you buy an iPhone 4S on online auction site and put your own sim in it?

Provided the handset is unlocked and you use a micro sim card.